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Destined for Real Estate from the Beginning

People often have interesting stories of how they got into their chosen career fields. For some, like me, my career has been in a few different areas, all empowering me to provide the best service for my customers. The Real Estate seed was planted many years ago by my mother, a seasoned Real Estate Professional with 4 decades of experience under her belt, in many Real Estate capacities. Mom told me that when I was just a baby, she would imagine my smiling face helping others with their real estate needs, following in her footsteps. She planted that seed into my mind, where it was nurtured and encouraged through life lessons we experience in the workplace, as adults.
At an early age, I realized I was a restless type, always seeking out new experiences and challenges when I became bored with life. My experience started like many, in the realm of Retail Sales. I sold clothing, toys, household goods, leather goods, shoes, groceries, electronics, computers, music and many other items. When I grew tired of cash registers and stocking shelves, I decided to try my hand in the Restaurant Industry. I bar-backed, bartended and waited tables, at first. I spent 3.5 years managing a pizza establishment, hiring and training staff, managing pay roll, food and supply stocks/ordering, and traveled to fill in at other restaurants when needed. I returned to waiting tables for 4 more years, training wait staff and other front-end workers, assisting with kitchen prep work, and cooking as needed, bartending, and assisting managers for shift work.

Eventually, I tired of the late-night hours and smelling like food. I longed for an office-type occupation where I wouldn't ruin my clothing. I soon found my way into hospital patient records and accounting, office administration, and then discovered I was good at IT and Engineering Recruiting. I did that for 3 years, then knowing I had a knack for logic and was a natural with technology and computers, I jumped into the world of IT Support. I spent 10 years providing IT support for computers and printers, servers, phone systems, mobile devices, application support and training end-users.  The first years were with Law Firms, learning how the legal world operated and how to jump at a moment's notice, in any needed direction. I then moved to a Fortune 100 company for the next 15 years, providing the very best IT Support for every type of employee, from the remote facilities to the Executive offices, Engineering to HR, Governmental transition offices and back to the Law Department.

In 2008, I transitioned from IT Support to working in a new role in IT Security, assisting the Legal Department, HR, Audit and Management with eDiscovery

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operations and employee investigations, including computer and mobile device forensic work. In 10 years, I grew the operation from single worker to a team of 3, helping save the company millions of dollars, annually, by processing data internally rather than sending it outside the company to 3rd parties. By 2016, I was becoming dissatisfied with the direction of management and the uncertainty of my future, not to mention 10 years of investigating colleagues without their knowledge and keeping that activity confidential. I realized I missed working with people to help them in their endeavors, rather than revealing their flaws and undermining their continued employment. My work had become depressing and negative, really weighing me down emotionally.
In 2017, that Real Estate seed began to grow, a vision developed and I began to plot my transition into the realm of becoming a business owner and following my entrepreneurial spirit...a real sink or swim endeavor. In 2018, after a few months of self-directed internet study and several practice examinations, I sat for and passed the Georgia Real Estate Licensing Exam. A true entrepreneur, I joined eXp Realty and began the task of pulling my vision together in the real world.

It's now 2019 and B.D. Batts & Associates is poised to help you with all your Residential Real Estate needs, as your Tech Savvy, Security Minded, West Metro Atlanta Real Estate Partner! Schedule some time and let's talk about how I can help bring your Real Estate vision into reality!!

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